Geminiani SilentDiesel

Geminiani SilentDiesel

Reduce noise pollution, complexity, and install time - all at once!

Geminiani offer a range SilentDiesel solutions from 18.4 kW to 186 kW by elegantly mounting proven diesel engines from brands like JCB, Perkins®, and Kohler inside an acoustic canopy to reduce noise.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including: Tankers, Cranes, Drilling Machines, Concrete Mixers, Compressors/Blowers, and many more.


Reduce Noise Pollution
The sound-deadening acoustic canopy in ABS plastic reduces environmental noise impact, producing sound levels from just 55 dBA @ 1000 rpm at 7m.

Reduce Install Cost
Dramatically reduce engine install times; the SilentPack is a convenient, ready-to-bolt-down package that has pre-installed Anti-Vibration Mounts and comes ready-filled with oil and water, saving additional parts and labour cost compared to open set engines.

Reliable Power
At the heart of the SilentPack are the proven Perkins®, JCB and Kohler diesel engines - well-known as reliable workhorses.

Save Space
A compact and power-dense design keeps the overall size envelope small and allows one-side access for most maintenance points. It’s even more compact than some IOPUs, and the remote-mountable exhaust silencer supplied as standard on the 400 Series models means full mounting flexibility for machine builders.

Plug ’n’ Play
Just bolt your SilentPack down, connect the battery and fuel lines, then you’re ready to turn the key on the Start Panel. Plus, there’s a Hand Throttle Control fitted as standard on the base model, and there are options for Throttle Solenoids, Proprotional Controls, Fly-By-Wire, CAN signal and more.

Safety Conscious
Every unit is fitted with a pre-wired Emergency Stop on the canopy as standard.

Looking Good. For Longer.
The ABS canopy will never rust, which means the unit keeps its modern good looks for much longer than an engine in a metal canopy.

Flexible Options
Available in 12V or 24V, and with a host of other convenient options and accessories - contact us for details and to discuss how the SilentDiesel package can help you reduce noise.

411P3 Geminiani SilentDiesel 18.4kW
415P4 Geminiani SilentDiesel 26.5kW
422P Geminiani SilentDiesel 36.3kW
422PT Geminiani SilentDiesel 44.7kW
1144PT Geminiani SilentDiesel 70kW
1144PTA Geminiani SilentDiesel 83kW
1144EPTA-HP Geminiani SilentDiesel 106kW
1166EPTA1 Geminiani SilentDiesel 129kW
1166EPTA2 Geminiani SilentDiesel 168kW
1166EPTA3 Geminiani SilentDiesel 186kW
444EPTA2F Geminiani SilentDiesel 81kW
444EPTA3F Geminiani SilentDiesel 93kW
448EPTA1F Geminiani SilentDiesel 129kW