Toolflex System

Toolflex System

Tool holders with full functionality

The Toolflex System is a range of simple, flexible tool holders for easy storage of handled tools and other items in most settings.  Toolflex is the obvious solution when you need to store a large number of items in a small space.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The holders are made of durable plastic with a flexible TPE gripping surface that can grab the tool easily with just the slightest push of the hand.

User friendly and flexible

The Toolflex tool holder only requires a simple, one-handed action to hang up or take down the tool and the ingenious design of the holder also ensures that heavy tools are kept firmly in place.

• Strong, recyclable materials (ABS, PP and TPE)
• Numerous uses, both indoors and outdoors
• Ideal for handles/tools 15-40 mm in diameter
• A complete product range
• Swedish manufacturing and quality standards


TFLEX522-1 Toolflex 30-40mm (2 Pack)
TFLEX512-1 Toolflex 20-30mm (2 Pack)
TFLEX587-X Toolflex Hook (3 Pack)
TFLEX502-1 Toolflex 15-20mm (2 Pack)