E4i Log Splitter PowerPack 8GPM - Petrol or Diesel

by Equipment 4 Industry

Engine-driven powerpack with a Hi-Lo Pump to power a log splitter that was previously run from a tractor or similar setup.

How It Works
The unique Hi-Lo Pump does away with complicated valve and pipework and allows for rapid cycle time. During the approach, when the blade is heading towards the log, the system uses the full flow from the pump to achieve maximum speed. Then, once the blade meets the log, the pump automatically rreduces flow (slowing the blade down) but increases pressure to give the full splitting force behind the blade. Finally, after the log is split and the blade is retracting, the pump delivers the full fow rate for quick return of the blade to the starting position.

Scope of Supply
The PowerPack consists of:

  • Single-cylinder Engine - choose from Petrol or Diesel
    • Recoil start engine
    • Sat on anti-vibration mounts
  • 8GPM Hi-Lo Pump
    • With Bell Housing & Coupling
  • Hydraulic Oil Reservoir
    • Filler Breather Cap
    • Level Indicator
    • Return Line Filter
  • Suction Hose & Fittings
  • Alssembled & tested, mounted on a powder-coated steel base frame
  • 12 Month Warranty

Custom Build Options
We build PowerPacks with larger flow rates, larger engines, faster pumps, custom frame designs.

Just call 01142 238080 to discuss your requirements.