ELECTRA 7 Sprayer 7 Ltr - Battery Operated

by Di Martino
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DiMartino Electra 7 is a sprayer with battery-operated compressor ... No more hand pumping!

Electra 7 is the electric sprayer powered by normal AA-type batteries (disposable) or rechargeable AA-type batteries with an automatic battery charger supplied.

This product is suitable for garden care and it ensures durability and reliability thanks to the motor unit separated from the liquid.
Electra 7 is CE-certified.

The greater the quantity of liquid put into the bottle, the less time you have to wait for the sprayer to be ready under pressure.  As you spray, the compressor automatically tops up the pressure so there's no need to keep stopping to recharge the pressure.  
A fully charged battery set will deliver 80-100 litres of fluid or around 4 hours of work time.

  • Manufacturer's 3 Year Warranty
  • 1 bar safety valve
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Max. capacity 7.95 ltr
  • Net capacity 6 ltr

Weight - 2.2 kg exc. batteries
Size - 20.1cm (W) X 20.1cm (L) X 60cm (H)
Batteries not included. Some assembly required.