HYVA Crane HA28 (2.8 tm class)


Thanks to their extremely compact design, the HYVA HA28 Cranes are ideal for mounting on small equipment such as trailers, small trucks, tracked vehicles and for stationary mounting. 

The hexagonal section extension design provides superior strength without adding excess weight.

Listed prices include VAT. 

Standard features:

  • Control panel with customised position and ABS guard
  • Load limiting device (CE)
  • Worm screw slewing
  • WALVOIL SDM080 control valve
  • Rotating hook
  • Hexagonal extensions with sliding pads for strength and alignment


Options include:

  • Base with fixed or revolving cylinders
  • Manual extension
  • Electro-hydraulic power pack (12V)
  • Petrol power pack
  • Radio remote control


The HYVA HA28 is a superb crane: well made, efficient, and cost-effective.  

To discuss your requirement in more detail, or to enquire about delivery, please call 01142 238080

HA28 Load Diagram

Version  HA28
Lifting moment 2.75 tm
Max vertical reach from 3.6 m
Slewing angle 335º
Slewing time 16 s / 180º
Max working heel
Hook capacity 3.2 t
Working pressure 160 bar
Oil flow req. 10 l/min
Weight w/o stabilisers HA28-E1 - 263 kg
HA28-E2 - 295 kg
HA28-E3 - 321 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 730 x 1587 x 440 mm
Sug. truck min. GVW 2 tonne
Design spec. DIN15018-EN12999
Safety Instructions [ Download ]