KOALA - Professional Flail Mower Collector

by Peruzzo

 Cut + Verticut + Collect ... at the same time!


The PERUZZO KOALA is a professional flail mower collector that delivers top quality cut finish with the option of verticut at the same time.

The KOALA is designed for mounting to compact tractors from 25HP using Category 1N 3-Point Linkage.

Choose between three flail options and three bed sizes, as well as manual or hydraulic opening for discharging the collected product at ground level. The KOALA delivers a high quality cut for contractors, greenskeepers and end users.

Ideal for use on sports fields and parks where verticut and collection operation is widely performed, as well as being able to collect leaves, green waste, horse manure etc.

The powerful vacuum and optional vertical blades help mow with perfect grass cutting, aeration, and collection - all in a short time up to 2.5cm (1") depth.

Standard features include:

  • Front Castors- adjustable pivoting wheels with bearings
  • Rear Roller - featuring tapered ends and height adjustable
  • Universal 3-Point Linkage
  • Moulded Paddle Flails

Choose between self-sharpening Moulded 'Paddle Flails', Heavy Duty Cast 'Paddle Flails' for thicker grass and small pruning, or combine the self-sharpening Moulded 'Paddle Flails' with the patented Verticut Insert to allow Cut + Verticut + Collection with just one pass.

Options on request:

  • 1000 rpm Gearbox
  • PTO Shaft (540 or 1000 rpm)
  • Verticut blades in HARDOX
  • Front Roller for verticut and compacting sports grounds
  • Light Kit for road transport

     Prices include VAT.

    Model KOALA 1000 KOALA 1200 KOALA 1600
    Cutting Width (mm) 1060 1150 1500
    Overall Dims.
    (L x W x H cm)
    114 x 145 x 110 144 x 145 x 110 174 x 145 x 110
    Collector Cap. 600 ltr 700 ltr 900 ltr
    Power Req
    HP (kW)
    16 (11.7) 20 (15) 25 (19)
    Gearbox 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm
    Overrun Clutch Standard Standard Standard
    Weight (kg)
    Manual Opening
    Hydraulic Opening



    No. of Flails 32 40 50