TB100 Hydro Drum Chipper

by Peruzzo

A compact, powerful woodchipper for professional applications - featuring two reversible chipping blades that automatically pull the material into the wide entry hopper, removing the need for hydraulic rollers and for excess pruning, so saving time.

Mounted on a sturdy frame and ready to be connected to your loader's auxiliary hydraulic output. Suitable for 45 or 65 litres loader systems. Also available with Loader Linkage Kit to suit most loader styles.

The centrifugal force created by the drum ejects the material in fine chips, and the easily-adjusted outlet chute allows you to direct the material for loading into a container or trailer if required. 

  • Drum-type professional chipper machine
  • 2 x large reversible chipping blades
  • Chips branches up to 10 cm in diameter
Model 01413000
Drum width 30 cm
Machine weight
(without optional linkage)
180 kg
Max branch diameter 10 cm
No. of blades on drum 2
Dimensions (LxWxH) 172 x 76 x 129 cm


Also available: petrol-drive version, Tractor PTO version and a tracked version for ultimate flexibility.